Aug 15

Thank you to all who were able to come out to this years clean up of 5 Mile Pass! We had 78 volunteers sign in, and over 100+ participants coming together to enjoy and give back to our public lands. I
Jan 8

With the government shutdown still ongoing, there were some concerns about the upkeep of facilities in AF canyon. Today a small group of us checked and emptied trash bins in the vault toilets, along w
Oct 10, 2018

After completing our NPLD fencing project in September, a couple of us decided it would be a good idea to return to the canyon and extend and install some further fencing to deter additional bypasses
Aug 26, 2018

This weekend we were able to assist the Salt Lake Ranger District with a new idea for fencing they were testing out up at the Buckland Flats area and go on a fantastic scenic trail ride from the Bount
Jul 19, 2018

More fun was had up AF Canyon last night along our adopted trail as we removed a washing machine that had been pushed off the "narrows" section of the trail down into the ravine below. Using a snatchb
Jul 6, 2018

Earlier in the week we were contacted about an abandoned boat up AF canyon that needed removed, and finally got a chance to swing up there today and get it pulled out. Last year it was furniture and
May 18, 2018

During a service project earlier in the week it was noticed that some fencing around the Tibble Fork Reservoir area was in disrepair. Working with the Forest Service we had some rails dropped off on
Jun 11

We had a great time kicking off our summer season of service up AF Canyon. Our group met up at the horse transfer station and divided with one part tackling repairing and installing new signage on th
Jan 8

It was another great year for the Chilly Willys Charity Drive, with even more donations that the year before and lots of new participants. It is also the first year we have gone to the Midvale locati
Oct 2, 2018

Another great NPLD, and another great service project completed this past weekend. On Saturday the bulk of the group met up at Smiths, while Coy and I went up the canyon early to meet with the Forest
Aug 18, 2018

Had another successful cleanup run in AF Canyon. As we headed up the FR085 trail we noticed an excess amount of trash at one of the first campsites along the route. Upon investigation we determined
Jul 13, 2018

Thank you everyone who made it out to the AF Canyon cleanup last night making it possible to clean up a large number of sites in a short time. As always there were some strange items found and vegeta
Jun 18, 2018

This past weekend we were able to build a new kiosk off the Sunshine Canyon Road in the 5 Mile Pass area. Thanks to the DNR and the County for providing the materials, and to the volunteers who helpe
May 17, 2018

A month ago one of our members spotted an abandoned snowmobile up AF canyon off our adopted trail. Working with the Forest Service we were finally able to get approval to remove it today. A winch mad
Mar 25

Had a great time tonight at the Tiny Tim’s Toy Factory tracing patterns and assembling the wheels for the cars. It was humbling to hear Alton share the story of how he got started making these toys, a
Oct 31, 2018

Tonight was the Forest Service volunteer appreciation dinner. Its awesome to attend this event each year, see all the different user groups various projects and achievements, and the large impact ever
Sep 6, 2018

Another great night was spent up the canyon with some good friends as we cleaned up the lower campsite area from the Labor Day rush. Surprisingly(and most welcome) there wasn't as much trash as we ex
Jul 31, 2018

It was great to be a part of the second annual desert cleanup at 5 Mile Pass. Listening to feedback from last year, the food was changed up to bacon, pancakes, and hash browns(once we got them thawed
Jul 8, 2018

One of the main items on the Forest Service radar this year was replacing some fencing around a meadow that had failed causing the area to see heavy use. Our goal today was to repair/replace the old
Jun 3, 2018

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the snow pole removal project yesterday. With so many people showing up with were able to knock out the project very quickly and saved the State Parks Ranger

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