Sep 24, 2017

FS National Public Lands Day 9/23/2017


The Forest Service held their NPLD projects a week early due to some scheduling conflicts, but despite the last minute date change the turnout of volunteers was awesome with representatives from many of the different user groups in attendance. Upon arriving at the reservoir it was decided that one group would work on a trail re-route over by the dam, while the rest would tackle cleaning up the reservoir and shoveling/sweeping sand back into place.


Prior to the event i had been contacted about a couch that had been spotted in the river, so a small group of us headed down to clear it out. Fortunately Coy was smart enough to bring rubber boots to wade out into the freezing water in, and single handedly moved the couch close enough to the shore for the rest of us to assist dragging it out. After pulling it up to the road, the group split up and began cleaning out trash from the various picnic areas nearby and pulled out 5 or so trash bags worth of garbage. We then met back up at the reservoir and assisted in shoveling sand out of the rain gutters and back to the beach.


Upon completion of that task, a few of us headed down to the ranger station, dumped the trash, discovered we arent the only ones finding furniture in the canyon(anyone need a couch?) and loaded up 30 fence rails onto a trailer which will be used next week on NPLD for the BOAR fencing project. Thanks to the assistance with the loading of the rails, i was able to deposit them at the various sites in the canyon where they will be needed, which will save an immense amount of time on project day.


Thank you to all who made it out to this event, and a special thank you goes to Recreation Outlet, who brought water bottles, bandannas, and head-wraps for everyone. Its awesome to see a local business out in support of service efforts in the canyon.





















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  • Thank you to all who were able to come out to this years clean up of 5 Mile Pass! We had 78 volunteers sign in, and over 100+ participants coming together to enjoy and give back to our public lands. I want to give a special thanks to Aj Swenson and Northridge4x4 for sponsoring the event, providing breakfast, raffle items, and joining in on the cleanup/trail ride. Its great to see local businesses getting involved directly in the sport, and public lands. Thanks also goes to all the great clubs and groups who make this event happen. In particular: - Wasatch Offroad who lead Sidewinder - M.O.O.R. Members Only Off Road who lead Constrictor - Crawlnder for leading Rattlesnake, with Crawler Ready gunning - Utah 4 Wheel Drive Association for donating gloves for participants. - Red Rock Crawlers for filming the event, and Computune Certified Auto Repair for providing them transportation - Utah State Parks Off-highway Vehicle Program for providing trash bags and support each yeah through their volunteer and trail host program. And of course our thanks to our great volunteers from BOAR handling the general event management, breakfast cooking, and trail guiding. I also want to thank At Your Leisure - AYL for attending and filming the event for an episode of their television show, and look forwarding to seeing it air. Its great to have a show that shows the positive impact we can all make by giving back some of our time to the areas we enjoy. As a group we were able to fill a dump trailer with trash, which totaled 980lbs removed from the area! Thank you all for another great day on the trail with great friends for a great cause. Til' Next Time!
  • We had a great time kicking off our summer season of service up AF Canyon. Our group met up at the horse transfer station and divided with one part tackling repairing and installing new signage on the station kiosk, while the other part installed and repaired fencing. Near the end of last season the brand new horse transfer station kiosk was vandalized and the signage smashed into pieces. If you have ever wondered how your donation money to BOAR is used, in this case we volunteered to purchase the replacement sign panel and materials needed for the kiosk repair using donated funds. This alleviated the burden off the Forest Service budget and freed up their funds for other things. The group was able to quickly repair the sign, and moved on to cleaning up trash from our adopted FR-085 trail along with scouting out future project needs along the way. The second group had quite the adventure installing fencing. Although the rail repairs and installs were handled quickly, the various post holes that had to be dug were through some of the rockiest dirt ive seen up there that might as well have been straight stone. Every few inches we were battling bowling ball sized rocks needing to be removed, but the group didn't give up and achieved the goal for the day by building an offset fencing opening on a walking trail to allow hikers access while deterring unapproved motorized use in the area. Both groups then met up by Tibble Fork reservoir and repaired a section of fencing that was falling apart. 2 posts and various rails had to be cut and installed. A member also found the speed limit sign that had fallen down into the bushes, which we were able to reinstall. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend this project. It was a blast and we are looking forward to our future projects together! We also are excited to announce that this year we have a fun new volunteer sticker depicting our Boar character with a Sasquatch. These stickers will be given to those who hit 10 hours of service this year, which will include the hours accumulated during the government shutdown service projects at the beginning of the year. Til' Next Time!
  • Had a great time tonight at the Tiny Tim’s Toy Factory tracing patterns and assembling the wheels for the cars. It was humbling to hear Alton share the story of how he got started making these toys, and all the places these cars go to locally and around the world including The Road Home Shelter that we donate to during the Chilly Willy’s Charity Drive each year. Thank you to all who were able to make it. This is truly a great charity making a big difference in the world. Til’ Next Time!

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