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Sep 03, 2017
In Service
We had another great trash pickup on Friday and although due to the holiday traffic we were not able to clean up any of the campsites (all were occupied) we were still able to fill several large garbage bags with trash from the lower area of our adopted trail. It is surprising what is found while picking up trash – this weeks “treasures” were a floating tube (in its box of course), an improvised paddle that before its magical duct tape application was formerly a tennis racket, and a large steel plate that took several people to lift. This week we also took a little detour on our way out and stopped by the Horse trailer parking lot just up the road. It was quite a mess and we able to top off several of our trash bags there. Thanks go out those people that paused their holiday this week to help and thanks to all those that have come previously. As we have been engaged in these weekly cleanups it has been a common occurrence for people to come up and ask questions and quite frequently these individuals are encouraged by what we are doing and either stop to help us or they let us know they really appreciative of the work we are doing and will be more diligent in leaving the area better then how they found it. We are making a difference in more ways then one.
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