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Transcontinental Railroad Backcountry Byway

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Transcontinental Railroad Route.jpg
Travel Time & Difficulty:

Plan on at least 4-6 hours to run the trail at a moderate pace, not including travel time to and from the trail head.  Add 1 hour for optional Spiral Jetty side trip, and 1 hour for Zaqistan.  Route can be ran either direction.

Most of the trail is a mild dirt road.  A few moderately rocky sections slow you down but aren't difficult.  Trail can be ran in a stock 4x4 vehicle, or OHV.  

Trail Description:

This route covers the Transcontinental Railroad Backcountry Byway coming from Corinne to Lucin, and then south to Wendover.

Stops along the way include the ATK/Thiokol rocket display, Golden Spike National Historical Park, Spiral Jetty, Kelton and Terrace cemeteries, sun tunnels, salt flats, Zaqistan, and the animal pen display.

Trail Photos:
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