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Jan 30, 2020
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So I recently picked up a new 4x4 project vehicle with the help of Brian. She's a 1976 Scout II, ex mud racing truck. The drive train has been converted over to GM powwa!! Power is supplied by a 454 fuel injected big blocked. The gear grinder is the infamous SM465 mated to a NP205 tcase. My goal is to have the rig reliable and safe enough to run trails at EJS this year. I'm only getting started with this and it's a ton of fun. So far the short list to complete is: ▪︎Roll cage ▪︎High steer kit, with HD steering components ▪︎full tune up ▪︎complete fluid swap ▪︎Wiring work to ensure all lights work ▪︎ redo the interior (ie install something to sit on) ▪︎boomerang shackles ▪︎wheels and tires ▪︎exhaust who knows what next month will have in store after getting this list done.
1976 Scout II "Stinger" content media


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