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Chainsaw Trail

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Travel Time & Difficulty:

The turn off from asphalt to dirt is around 30 minutes west of Delta Utah.  Once on dirt, its another 30 minutes on graded road to the turn off for the Chainsaw trail.  The rough part of the trail takes 30 mins to an hour to reach the end in a capable vehicle, less coming back down.  

This trail has rocky ledges and is washed out in spots.  Being in a ravine it is prone to changes from rock falls and runoff.  35" tires and one locker should get you through ok.

Trail Description:

This trail follows a ravine into bird canyon up to some old mining structures.  The road to the trail is graded and easily done by any vehicle.  The trail itself is around 2 miles long, and is an in and out(non loop).  There is hardly any room near the trails end to turn around so small groups are recommended.

This trail is interesting, but short.  Ideally you will want to pair it with seeing other nearby sites and trails.

Trail Photos:
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