Jul 2, 2017

Trail Hero, Hero For a Day 7-1-2017


This year we had the opportunity to help out with Trail Heros "Hero for a day" event in Northern Utah. The goal of this event was to give people the opportunity to experience the outdoors that normally would not be able to. A few months before the event we were contacted to assist with getting approval from the Forest Service to hold the event, which we were able to secure without issue. After pre-running Mary Ellens Gulch the week before the event, and running into snow drifts, we decided Mineral Basin would be the better choice.



The day of the event we met at Heritage Park in Highland at 9am. We were served breakfast while we mingled with the participants and other drivers. Around 10 we did official introductions, Rich Klein went over the plans for the day, and assigned drivers to each participant.


Nick Lees was the trail leader for the event, and we brought up the rear as tail gunner. We made it to Tibble Fork reservoir without issue, and everyone aired down that hadn't already. As we started up the trail the Bronco in our group was having some overheating issues so we stuck behind with them as the group continued up to the narrows. After pouring water into the radiator and trying a few other tricks, the Bronco owner decided to call it and head home so his passenger jumped in with us and we continued on.


We caught back up to the group at the entrance of Mineral Basin and started up the trail. Shortly before the rock garden a flatbed ford ranger started having vapor lock issues, so it was parked along the side of the trail, its passengers transferred to another vehicle, and we continued on.



Once we made it through the first set of obstacles, we continued to the lunch spot and met up with the rest of the group. After finishing lunch we decided it was time to turn around so we could get the participants back on time. On the way down we came across a Suburban whose rear brake caliper had come loose. Jensen Paterson assisted with tools and we offered to escort the vehicle down to the reservoir. The driver accepted and we made it to the reservoir without issue.


The rest of the trail group had already started down the canyon, so we headed down to catch up and finally caught up with them right at the entrance to Heritage Park. In the parking lot everyone was speaking about the event, and sharing experiences from the day, before saying their goodbyes and heading home.


We were very grateful to be a part of this years event and look forward to being involved next year as well. It was also the first time we took the new drone out to get some video footage, which was really fun.


Be sure to check out www.thetrailhero.com to get info about the Trail Hero event held down in St George.


New Posts
  • What a fantastic day to be on the trails in Eureka this morning for this months ride! We were fortunate to have the mayor of Eureka take the group on a guided tour of various mining sites and related historical areas surrounding Eureka. Each stop we were treated to a history of the area, stories, and experiences all with a beautifully scenic backdrop and great weather. After the tour those who were interested met up in town for a late lunch at “B’s” and some even tried the “pickle bomb” among other tasty foods. Thank you to everyone who were able to attend. This was definitely one of my favorite trips to date and an unique experience. We would love to see any pictures you took from the trip and any stories from the day you have to share. Til’ Next Time!
  • Due to the popularity of the Eureka Mayor trip we setup this second trip 2 weeks later for those who weren't able to attend the first one. Nick(Mayor of Eureka) was great again as our tour guide of the area showing us historical sites and sharing the history of the area. Since i had attended the previous ride i expected to hear the same stories, but although some of the core stories were the same he also shared other stories, experiences, and history i hadnt heard before. I was also able to bring a recording device and capture the audio from the tour which i hope to be able to share with everyone at a later time. Thanks again to everyone who was able to attend. It was another great day on the trail, and another fun lunch at the local diner with the Mayor where we discussed a future unique tour that we will be sure to post up about. Til' Next Time!
  • Had a great time on today’s group trail run. Was an awesome mix of vehicles with Jeeps, Toyota’s, full size trucks, and land rovers(which now I kind of want). The day started out near 5 mile where we met up and talked about the trail. We expected it to be covered in deep snow or a complete mud bog, so we were shooting to make it down to the hot springs by 2 or so. The weather was surprisingly pleasant and the trail mostly mud free except for a few short low spots. One new experience for me was a section of the trail being completely covered in tumbleweeds so deep we didn’t dare drive through them. I’m also told the “Beware of attack llama” sign was in fact not a joke, but I’ll leave that story to our tail gunners to tell 😀 We made excellent time and reached the springs around noon, where we were entertained by a gentleman showing us the art of proper hot spring operation. At this point some of the group headed out for the day while the rest of us continued on up the nearby volcano, and took a short hike up to the cone. Despite having been there many times before, the group discovered some heat vents still letting out warm air from below that I’d never noticed before. Once we reached the volcano base again, some in the group headed over to nearby Topaz mountain, while the rest split off and headed for home. For those of us taking the Eureka route, we came across a Las Vegas rugby team whose van had a flat and they didn’t have a good enough jack to change it. Despite the pouring rain, the group had it swapped out and them on their way in no time. It’s hard to pass through Eureka without stopping at Porters Place for some great food, so a pit stop was made. While there the mayor of the town swung by to see what all the 4x4s were up to, and shared history of the area along with trail rides we could check out. The owners of Porters even shared pictures with us of the train trestles we were discussing. Talk about service! Keep an eye out for a future guided tour in this area! Thanks to everyone who was able to come out today. It was a fun day with good weather and great friends! Til’ Next Time!

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